AKA’s Dad Lists His 5 Favourite AKA Songs

AKA’s Dad, Tony Forbes, has listed his five favorite songs by the late rapper.

AKA will always be one of SA Hip Hop’s greatest icons. While he did not have enough time to show us more of what he’s about, we are grateful for the impact he made on the rap scene with his music.

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes, has always been a huge fan of his music, and he never hid it. The Forbes family continues to mourn their beloved son and father months after his passing. In an interview with Slikour, Tony Forbes listed his five favorite songs by his late son.

He said, “All Eyes On Me, Baddest, Starsigns, Congratulate.” He also included one from the rapper’s posthumous Mass Country album; Uncle Tony said, “I suppose, Last Time.” The album was praised by fans, and we hear a deluxe version might be coming soon. Watch the video below.


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