AKA’s Family Cautions Against Spreading Lies About Rapper’s Murder, Addresses “Donation Accounts” Claims

Since AKA’s assassination on February 10, there have been several theories as to who could have ordered the hit on him, with no agreement as to who really ordered it.

AKA was shot dead at point-blank range soon after stepping out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in the company of his associates. Also shot dead with him was his friend and former manager Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

Again, who could have ordered the hit? No one knows for surer – at least no one has come forward with incontrovertible evidence. With the endless finger-pointing and claims on the media, the family had had to intervene and caution members of the public against spreading lies about the rapper’s murder.

While the family is still in mourning over a month after AKA’s killing, what it wouldn’t want is the spreading of lies about the incident. The police are currently investigating the case. And although it was recently reported that three arrests had been made in connection to the rapper’s murder, the police later denied the claim.

In a recent statement, AKA’s family had cautioned his fans, collectively known as the Megacy, against making false statements and accusations as they would not help AKA’a case in any way.

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