AKA’s Fans Debate Rich Mahogany’s On “Company Remix”

AKA’s fans are debating producer Rich Mahogany’s comments on the forthcoming “Company Remix.”

AKA’s death left a gaping hole in SA Hip Hop, and his fans have felt it. The famous emcee’s last album, “Mass Country,” was released just as he planned after he died. His label, Vth Season, also promised to drop more music from the rapper.

Not too long ago, Vth Season shared an anagram hinting at a forthcoming song by the late rapper. It turned out to be the Piano remix of his hit “Company,” which was featured on the new album.

Reacting to the announcement, producer Rich Mahogany, who worked with the “Lemons (Lemonade)” star, said he couldn’t believe AKA would sign off on something like that. He wrote,

“I actually can’t believe it smh. Okes really didn’t know the man hey.”

A fan replied, “I am judging you for this tweet because you have access to the family and stuff, I really do not understand why would you be making these remarks on the TL. What’s the plan vele?”

Mahogany explained that he could say what he wanted because no one asks his opinion. “No one consults me for anything I don’t consult anyone for anything. I say what I like where I like how I like. Comprende?”

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