AKA’s Fans Surprised By Revelation That Rapper Rented His Bryanston Mansion & Owner Wants His Property Removed

There is massive shock among AKA’s fans following the revelation that the songster was renting the mansion he was living in Bryanston before his assassination on February 10 this year. Many South Africans thought he owned the luxurious three-bedroom mansion.

Well, multiple reports indicate that the home in fact belonged to Nthsimane Mekoa and that the “Fela in Versace” rapper was renting it at R40k per month.

The same reports also indicate that the rapper’s family had been asked to remove his property from the home so that the owner could rent it out to another tenant. Already, in fact, the home has been listed on property sites even though the late rapper’s family was yet to remove his belongings.

Fans are understandably shocked about the recent revelation that the home was not the rapper’s after all, with the expensive cars that he owns – running into millions of rands – many had believed that the house was his.

Clearly, things are not as they seem. And South Africans have been scratching their heads trying to understand. Why he was renting when he could easily have bought the place up? There may never be an answer to the reason he decided to rent,

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