AKA’s Father Tony Addresses Speculations Late Rapper’s Friends Might Be Involved In His Murder

It’s been ten months since AKA’s death, but the drama surrounding his assassination is yet to end, with tweeps still sharing their thoughts on what happened. A common narrative was that some of his friends and associates were privy to his murder.

But are they?

Right from the day of his assassination on February 10 – soon after he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban in the company of some of his friends including his former manager Tibz – netizens have been peddling theories, including that, based on CCTV footage, some of those present were part of the assassination plot against him.

However, AKA’s family have refused to buy into that, sticking to the good faith that AKA’s friends couldn’t have been a part of his murder. For instance, the late rapper’s mother Lynn Fobes had declared that Don Design, one of those the public suspected to be a part of the assassination, was his “son,” automatically absolvimng him of any blame for AKA’s murder.

Recently, AKA’s father, who has always been of the view that the people should allow the police to do their job, reiterated the sea view, defending ALA’s friends, and refusing to run with the view they were part of his assassination.

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