AKA’s Father Tony Forbes Thanks Cassper Nyovest For Showing Love & Supporting To The Family, Talks Boxing Match

AKA’s death has somehow brought his rival Cassper Nyovest closer to his father – something many had not thought possible earlier.

AKA and Cassper were known to be South Africa’s biggest hip-hop rivals. Cassper recently traced the genesis of their conflict to the day they were both in the studio but he, Cassper, was not thought to be big enough to be on a particular song that a producer was working on.

AKA was put on the song. Much later, away from the studio, while he and AKA were hanging out and smoking, Casper recalled telling the “Touch My Blood” chanter that he had studied him and HHP and was going to be greater than them both.

That didn’t sit well with AKA. Thus began their rivalry that got so bad at some point that AKA insulted Cassper’s parents. This provoked the songster into making it clear he will not forgive him and even challenged AKA to a boxing match.

The match never took place. Sadly, AKA was assassinated on February 10 this year just outside Wish Restaurant in Durban. Despite their rivalry, Cassper reached out privately to AKA’s family and consoled them in their grief.

The gesture moved AKA’a father Tony Forbes to thank Cassper publicly and even joke about continuing with the boxing match – a moment of healing.

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