AKA’s Last Hour With Fiancé Nellie Tembe

It has emerged that Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, the South African rapper who goes by the stage name of AKA, actually spent the last hours with fiancee Nelli Tembe laughing.

He had no inkling tragedy would struck soon after, leaving him with many question and, according to family, inconsolable.

Nelli Tembe had attended AKA’s gig at DJ Sumbody’s Ayepyep Lifestyle and the two had a wonderful time dancing. This was all the more puzzling for many out there. Imagine being so happy one minute and then “falling” of a skyscraper the next. You can check out the video below.

AKA has been quiet about the tragedy that robbed him off his future wife. But those close to him describe him as disconsolate over Nelli Tembe’s death.

AKA’s and Nelli Tembe’s families had met and the rapper had reportedly paid her lobola. In fact, at some point, he had taken to Twitter to shop for a broadcaster for his wedding.

The wedding won’t be taking place and AKA has been down in the dumps. Of all the ladies the “Fela in Versace” star had dated, he appeared to have had the most connection with Nelli, who he describes as homely.

He mourns. South Africa mourns.

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