AKA’s Mom Lynn Forbes Praises Murdah Bongz For Sticking By DJ Zinhle, Who Was Dragged Over AKA

AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes has praised Murdah Bongz for sticking by DJ Zinhle despite the massive dragging he got from members of the public for putting up with her grieving process for the late rapper, who happens to be her former boyfriend.

AKA and DJ Zinhle dated and broke up twice. They have a daughter, Kairo Owethu Forbes, from that relationship. After they broke up, AKA started a new relationship with Nelli Tembe, who would die in puzzling circumstances later.

For her part, DJ ZInhle had started a new relationship with Murdah Bongz. He teased the relationship online at first, sharing roses from her then-mysterious man. Much later, the two had become Instagram official and eventually got married quietly.

On February 10, AKA was shot and killed at point-blank range just as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. DJ Zinhle had been mourning him the way she saw fit, including spending time with his grieving family. Her actions upset some social media users, who felt she was disrespecting her new husband.

But Murdah Bongz has been taking things in his stride. Now, AKA’s mother, during an appearance on eNCA’s News Night,  has acknowledged him, lauding him for sticking with DJ Zinhle despite the massive trolling by netizens.

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