AKA’s Parents On The CCTV Footage Showing Their Son’s Assassination

No parent wants to see their child brutally murdered. But sometimes, wishes don’t come to pass – as exemplified by what happened to South African rapper AKA on February 10.

The songster had just stepped out of Wush Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban when assassins popped out of nowhere and shot him in the head at point-blank range, putting an end to a brilliant musical career.

The CCTV footage of the killing is all over the place and serves as a pedestal for investigators and those wanting to grasp the rapper’s last moments and what went down. And that includes his parents. But do they watch it?

It turned out AKA’s father Tony Forbes actually watches the footage from time to time. He would comment later that watching the footage is a way to get a feeling of his late son’s last moments. He isn’t investigating anything, however.

It is a different ball game for AKA’s mother, however, as she is avoiding watching the clip. According to her, she wants to remember him for the light she brought to her life and to those around him.

By the way, AKA was gearing to release an album when he was killed, so the project had to be released posthumously.

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