AKA’s Parents Tony & Lynn Forbes On Melinda Ferguson’s Book “When Love Kills”

It is no longer news that a book has been written about AKA’s failed relationship with Anele “Nelli” Tembe and how she died in mysterious circumstances. But what do AKA’s parents have to say about the book?

Melinda Ferguson has penned the book “When Love Kills: The Tragic Tale of AKA and Anele,” detailing what she claims to be the tragic love story of the two lovers who are now both dead.

Well, speaking about the book, both parents made it clear they have not authorised Melinda to write about their son; they were never involved in the making of the book.

That aside, they are also unaware of the contents. Feguson’s decision to write about their son was entirely her own idea.

In her book, Ferguson indicated that AKA and Nelliu had a toxic love affair that ultimately culminated in her death. Given the circumstances of her death, some people speculate that AKA must have pushed her.

Also, AKA’s assassination two years later added more layers to the story, with some people claiming that Nelli’s father must have ordered the hit on him to avenge her daughter’s death. He denies this, however.

Well, you may want to check out Ferguson’s book.

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