AKA’s Personal Stories: Big Xhosa Exposes NOTA

Controversial rapper Big Xhosa has made a pretty interesting claim and one that we expect Lavida NOTA to react to soon enough. According to the songster, who isn’t exactly big in stature, NOTA used to share AKA’s personal stories with him.

Big Xhosa made this known in a now-deleted Instagram story. According to him, NOTA wanted to use him to fight his battles. But then he saw through the music executive and didn’t share anything about his life with NOTA.

He urged up-and-coming musicians to be wary of NOTA and not to share personal information with him, which he might use against them much later. He described himself as having been smart enough to see through the music executive and keep him at arm’s length.

He described NOTA as a clown and urged him to go get his wife back and leave him alone. For context, NOTA and his wife, the singer Berita, have split. Berita claimed NOTA listens to no one, and she had to escape for her life and her mental health.

Interestingly, NOTA had earlier mocked Big Xhosa for the freestyle he did over DJ Khaled’s “God Did.” It remains to be seen how he would react to Big Xhosa’s claims.

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