AKA’s Reebok SneAKA Now Has A Whooping R20k Pricetag

AKA's "SneAKA" now selling for a whopping R20k

AKA’s “SneAKA” collaboration with Reebok is now selling for R20k.

If you ever nursed the desire to purchase AKA’s SneAKA, you should know that the price just went up. In only a short while, the popular pair of sneakers named “SneAKA” which was a collaboration with Reebok has become very rare to find.

600 pairs of the sneakers made as part of a one-off limited edition sold out in just under 10 minutes via the Reebok online store in October 26th when it was released. It was on sale for R1799K on the Reebok website at the time. Now, the popular shoe line is retailing for a whopping R20K on The Cool Online Retail And Urban Wear Store

SAHIPHOPMAG reports that customers can purchase size 8s with the same packaging and authenticity certificate at the store. It is amazing to see how much the SneAKA line is still in demand even after Supa Mega revealed it was a rip off on his end.

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