AKA’s Tragic Death Seemingly Brings His Estranged Parents Closer

AKA’s death has seemingly done the impossible, that of bringing his estranged parents closer. Lynn and Tony Fobes are said to have been divorced for years and live separately. But the death of AKA months ago has brought them closer than they had believed possible.

The couple was present at this year’s SAM, where they walked hand in hand to receive the posthumous award AKA won. That moment ignited curiosity and interest from many South Africans, with some praying this is the beginning of the healing of their marriage and their getting back together as a couple.

They both confessed that AKA’s death has brought them together as a family. Tony Forbes noted he has also gotten more sons and daughters as a result of AKA’s death.

At the SAMA this year, AKA won in three categories: best-engineered album, male artist of the year, and best collaboration. You can check out the post below.

AKA was assassinated on February 10 this year just after he stepped out of the Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. A point-blank shot through the head ended his music career, but his legacy is still alive and humming – as exemplified by his SAMA win.

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