AKA’s Twitter Engagement On Racial Classification

AKA’s ever changing racial classification was the subject of a conversation with his fans yesterday 7 September 2020. Clearly, the “Fela In Versace” rapper was unimpressed by the fickleness of the verdict on his racial classification.

He wondered aloud why at some point people think him black enough to comment on some issues, and at other times they think he is coloured this or coloured that. He ended up describing South as a fucking weird country.

A fan who was clearly unimpressed by his statement made it clear that the SupaMega isn’t black and wouldn’t be. He ended up advising the hip hop champ to stop appropriating the black tag to himself to please his fans. A wearied dropped a laconic “Ja ne” in response.

Another fan thought was technically a Blackman but is only at the moment grasping his coloured side. He confessed he is losing interest in AKA because of that. AKA dropped a “whew” and walked on.

The basis for this fan engagement was a recent advert by Clicks, which showed African hair as dry, dull and damaged, and white hair as fine. Fans wanted him to speak on the subject.

The advert had sparked protests in South Africa, led by members of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

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