Akon Defends 6ix9ine And Calls Nine Trey Bloods

Akon Defends 6ix9ine Again In New Interview And Calls Nine Trey Bloods

Akon defends 6ix9ine again in recent interview and calls Nine Trey Bloods.

While many have turned their backs on “Trollz” rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, he has succeeded in building new friendships. One of them is with “Ghetto” singer, Akon who he is currently making a remix of his song “Locked Up”.

Both artists were recently spotted walking down Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles while 6ix9ine was being filmed and cursed at. The “Fefe” rapper was questioned by TMZ about being accused of disrespecting Nipsey Hussle by attending his memorial. To this, he replied that it is all love. From the looks of things, Akon is sticking to him through thick and thin.

The “Belly Dancer” hit maker recently defended him again in an interview with VladTV. He stated that the people who have been accusing 6ix9ine of snitching haven’t been in the streets, and do not live by the street code. He said “Tekashi ain’t snitch on you. Why are you mad?”

He also called the Nine Trey Bloods “super messy”, saying that everyone of them was sloppy. He revealed that real street n***as do not try to claim notoriety as they did. He called 80 percent of what they did with 6ix9ine “entertainment”. He also defended him for putting a hit out on Chief Keef for $20K.

Watch the full interview below.

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