Akon Roasted Over Comments That Whites Are The Ones Living In The Ghetto In South Africa

Senegalese American musician Akon came under fire recently after saying that black people are richer than whites in South Africa.

He made that statement during a recent appearance on Drink Champs. In part of the now-viral clip, he could be heard saying that the white people are the ones who live in the ghettos, insisting that in South Africa, the richest people are the blacks.

Not done with that, he further noted that everywhere one goes, there are poor people but that the poorest areas are where the white folks are.

Many South Africans who heard him were shocked by his statement because it was exactly the opposite of the reality they have seen in South Africa. Some even used his statement to troll him and let him know they were disappointed in him.

Some were even bold enough to state they thought he was intelligent but now he had proven to them that he was nowhere close. You can check out the controversial clip below.

At the time of writing, the songster had not addressed the controversy his claim elicited, nor had he commented on the original clip from the platform that interviewed him. Time will tell if he would address it later.