Akon’s Futuristic Akon City Elicits Mixed Reactions | Video

has just unveiled plans for a futuristic city named for him in his native Senegal: Akon City.

The Senegalese-American singer, record producer and businessman is out to transform a farming village into the city of his dreams. According to him, the city will be completed at the end of the decade and run on a crytocurrency called Akoin.

Back in August, in the Senegalese town of Mbodiene, and the country’s tourism minister Alioune Sarr and other members of the Senegalese government laid their hands on the stone symbolizing the beginning of the construction of the city.

According to Akon, part of the motivation for creating the city is to provide a chic refuge for Black Americans – “a home back home.”

The tourism minister noted that at a time when local and foreign private investment is rare, has elected to invest $6 billion in the country. He thanked him for the initiative.

The plan to build City has elicited mixed reactions from fans. While some lauded the project, others wondered why the architect for the city is not Senegalese and not African. Bakri the architect is from the United Arab Emirates

What do you think of the futuristic City? You may want to check out the unveiling below.

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