Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez Dismiss Breakup Rumours In Joint Statement

Those who think Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodrigues have broken up – or wish they break up – are on a long thing, for the moment at least, the pair having recently denied breakup rumours.

Rumours  recently hit town that the pair had broken up. The basis of the rumours was Alex Rodriguez’s alleged cheating with a reality star months back.

But in separate statement, the pair denied they are n longer together. Speaking to CNN last week, the pair stated that they are still together but “working through some things” – whatever “some things” are, their fans will have no wait for it.

Jennifer and Alex Rodiguez became a couple sometime in 2017. The relationship had been marred by rumours of infidelity. When news had hit town that Alex Rodriguez had cheated on her with a reality star, JLo had chosen to keep quiet, focusing on her work.

But with rumours hitting town again about a separation, the couple had spoken out. How long till the public gets to know what’s really going  on between them?

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