Alfie Templeman’s “Radiosoul” Anticipated Release

British musician Alfie Templeman has set the stage for his latest album “Radiosoul,” scheduled for release on June 7, 2024. Building on the buzz from his earlier releases, including “Hello Lonely” which debuted a month prior, the album is Templeman’s second studio venture and is touted as his most ambitious work to date.

The album boasts a rich collaboration with industry heavyweights such as Nile Rodgers and Oscar Scheller. Each track on “Radiosoul” promises a unique auditory experience, reflecting a broad spectrum of Templeman’s personal and artistic growth. His approach to this album is described as a profound exploration of life’s milestones and challenges, resonating through eclectic sounds and lyrics.

The early release “Hello Lonely” is part of a compelling lineup that also includes “Just A Dance,” a track featuring Nile Rodgers. Templeman’s diverse influences are evident across the album, with tracks drawing inspiration from a range of musical legends and contemporary issues, particularly the effects of social media on human interactions and mental health.

Templeman’s new album isn’t just about music; it’s an invitation to listeners to disconnect from their digital routines and reconnect with more introspective, existential themes. He encourages his audience to embrace the real world, urging a step back from the pervasive reach of technology to appreciate the nuances of life’s experiences.

With “Radiosoul,” Alfie Templeman is not only continuing his musical journey but also challenging his listeners to explore deeper personal reflections through his artistic expressions.


Artist: Alfie Templeman
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: June 7, 2024
Track Count: 11
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Chess Club Records under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Radiosoul Alfie Templeman 5:15 Released
2 Eyes Wide Shut Alfie Templeman 3:22 Released
3 This Is Just The Beginning Alfie Templeman 3:26 Unreleased
4 Vultures Alfie Templeman 3:32 Unreleased
5 Drag Alfie Templeman 3:06 Unreleased
6 Hello Lonely Alfie Templeman 3:31 Released
7 Just A Dance Alfie Templeman & Nile Rodgers 2:40 Unreleased
8 Submarine Alfie Templeman 3:24 Unreleased
9 Beckham Alfie Templeman 3:27 Unreleased
10 Switch Alfie Templeman 2:37 Unreleased
11 Run To Tomorrow Alfie Templeman 4:23 Unreleased


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