All For AKA: The Megacy Rooting For Kairo Forbes To Win The South African Social Media Awards

AKA might be dead, but if he could see from the dust of oblivion, he would certainly be pleased to know that his daughter Kairo Forbes is doing pretty well, having just been nominated for the South African Social Media Awards.

His fans are pumped about her nomination as well, and they have been rallying around to ensure that beyond the nomination, she wins the award as well. The kid had been nominated in the Kid Influencer of the Year category alongside other kids.

Kairo Forbes recently showed that she learned a thing or two from her father when he was alive. She had performed his song “Company” at a recent event and many were impressed with her performance. However, some people faulted her mother, DJ Zinhle, for allowing her on stage.

Anyway, she is doing well for herself, and that is what counts for her. It’s just sad that her father isn’t around to see her honoured this way. AKA was killed on February 10 this year by a point-blank shot to the head. He had just stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban in the company of his pals, one of whom, his former manager Tibz, was killed with him.

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