“All Piano Cats Followed My Steps,” According To DJ Maphorisa

DJ Maphorisa thought to the narrative by giving himself his own flowers through tweets in a society where flowers are only given to people at their gravestones. For the majority of amapiano musicians, DJ Maphorisa brags about having revolutionized the game.

Phori vented on Twitter about how many musicians had copied him. “All piano cats followed my steps… let it sink it,” he tweeted. He supported his assertion with documentation that showed agreements reached and actions taken during the previous few years.

“I signed with Electromode 3 years ago, everyone followed and signed with distributors, I changed my mind signed with Sony Major label, look wats happening everyone is signing with a major label, I switched the market share chief facts, I signed the biggest deal with Sony in SA,” he wrote.

Maphorisa aspires to be recognized as a trailblazer but is thrilled to see other musicians gain from all he has accomplished. “I changed the game for good we all winning chief,” he wrote. It would appear that he takes great pleasure in bragging about his individual accomplishments, much as he did when he recently acquired the legal right to his songs.

“For me, it’s important to own what I created, it obviously comes with a lot of work because you don’t have “big machine” support. But it’s worth it in the long run,” he explained.

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