All You Need To Know About Boity’s Pink Sapphire And Choice Of Partner

Ever been curious about the Pink Sapphire perfume of the rapper Boitumelo Thulo? Well, it has emerged that the fragrance actually embodies the musician’s personality.

Pink Sapphire was released in collaboration with perfume brand Halo Heritage. Boity had initially announced that 1,000 bottles of her perfume were available for pre-sale before the official launch.

After the pre-sale, a media launch had taken place on 8 September 2020. For those present, it was a revealing moment on the making of the perfume and the rapper’s choice of Halo Heritage as collaborators.

According to Boity, she partnered with Halo heritage because the company embodies the beauty and luxury of the African woman, something she herself stands for.

In an encounter with one of the partners of Halo Heritage, the partner had described as having a pink aura. The rapper took that as a compliment because she actually is fond of the colour pink. She would adopt pink later as part of the name for her fragrance.

On the sapphire part of the name, she says it represents sensuality and luxury. The gemstone is one of her favourites. The perfume is currently available on the official website of halo Heritage. You can get a bottle for less than R2k

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