Allegations Of Ritualism Trail Kanye West’s Bizarre Sunday Service Practice

American rapper Kanye West continues to ignite interest around his Sunday Service practices. But the most recent appears to have especially snagged the interest of many social media users. But the most recent service had many social media users shaking their heads and

What really went down?

As part of the said Sunday service, attendees wore white hooded outfits like those in The Handmaids Tale. What’s more, they ate on tables that many claimed looked like autopsies. As far as some social media users are concerned , the scene appeared creepy.

Some tweeps made it clear that the service looked nothing like a Christian Sunday service but ritualism in broad daylight. You can check out the post and the comments about it below.

It’s unclear what motivated the “Donda” rapper to adopt the style of worship he did. If he did it for attention, then he has gotten exactly what he wanted. Only, the public is unimpressed with the whole drama and its symbolism, especially for one supposedly leading a christian Sunday service.

Anyway, it doesn’t appear like the rapper cares at all what people say or think about him and hi style. After all, he has been doing “outrageous” things for a long time.

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