Alleged Assault: No charges For Taylor Swift’s Father

A while back, fans of the songstress Taylor Swift were stunned by the news of the allegations of assault made agsint her father with whom she was travelling at some point.

Given that she is one of the most successful musicians alive, the news reverberated around the world, with people trying to determine what exactly went down and if indeed her father had assaulted the person who made the claims against him.

Veteran photographer Ben McDonald claimed back in February that Papa Swift punched him in the face while disembarking a yacht in Sydney during her Eras Tour.

Well recent report indicates that the police will not be taking any action against Taylor Swift’s father. No charges against him, either. So he is technically a free man and able to continue his life as before.

This comes as a piece of good news for Taylor Swift, who faced negative publicity as a result of the incident.

At the time, a lot of people had already believed the photographer and were condemning her and her father over the incident. But all that appears to be in the past now, with the police in Australia not filing any charges against her father.

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