Alleged Assault: Taylor Swift’s Father Scott Under Investigation

Taylor Swift’s father Scott Swift has found himself in a bit of drama over the alleged assault. The Australian police are said to be currently investigating claims by a paparazzo that he was assaulted by Scott.

The whole drama reportedly started on Tuesday after Scott and his daughter Taylor disembarked from a yacht. According to the alleged victim, Ben McDonald, 51, Scott, who happens to be 20 years older, struck him in the face at a Sydney wharf.

It was unexpected and painful too, but Ben didn’t need medical attention as a result. But that has not stopped him from seeking redress. Detailing what went down, Ben pointed out that Taylor Swift had already entered a car when her father assaulted him.

Going further, Benm also pointed out that he has been on the photography job for the past 23 years and he has never been in a situation where someone hit him “in the chops.”

A spokesperson for Taylor Swift did not address the assault claim but merely pointed out that two people had acted aggressively toward her and her father.

With the Sydney police already on the case, all eyes are now on them to see what they will come up with at the end of the day.

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