Alleged Copyright Infringement: Disney Sued Over “Frozen 2” Song

Entertainment giant Disney has been sued alongside Robert Lopez for copyright infringement over Frozen 2 Song. The musician Daniel Grigson is claiming that the song was lifted from his “That Girl” tune of decades ago.

According to him, he was at the theatre with his daughter to watch “Frozen 2” when he was jolted by the realization that what was playing before him must have been lifted from a song he released way back.

His fears appeared to have been confirmed when, according to him, his daughter said to him: “Dad, Disney took your song.”

To be sure he wasn’t mistaken, he had hired an analyst who appeared to have vetted his fears: the beat, rhythm, feel, and theme of Frozen2 actually sounded like what he’d released earlier. And he isn’t having it.

Now he’s making a couple of demands, including that Disney and Robert Lopez fork over part of the profits from the song and that Disney stop using the track entirely. At the time of writing, neither Disney nor Lopez has responded to the claims.

You can check out “That Girl” and Frozen2 and find out for yourself if the claim of copyright infringement is valid. We await the verdict of the courts.

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