Alleged Domestic Violence: Jonathan Majors Dropped By Management

These are not the best of times for actor Jonathan Majors, having reportedly been dumped by his management agency, Entertainment 360, over alleged domestic violence.

The Creed III actor was arrested in March for allegedly assaulting a lady, who had called 911 on him. At the time, the 30-year-old lady was said to have been hospitalised with minor injuries to the neck and head. The victim claimed that Majors had assaulted her with an open hand, causing her substantial pain as well as a laceration to the face.

Majors was subsequently released. He had made it clear at the time that he wasn’t guilty of what he was accused. His lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, affirmed the same while noting that Majors must have been a victim of an altercation with a woman she knows.

Anyway, the issue dragged on and his management eventually dropped him. It was one of a couple of “setbacks” that followed the alleged assault. Previously, it was reported that his former public relations manager, the Lede Company also dropped him.

It remains to be seen how Majors will navigate the current crisis and if he will eventually bounce back despite the current upheaval. You are welcome to stay tuned for updates.

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