Alleged Poor Pay And The Growing Discontent Among The Cast Of “DiepCity”

Trouble is said to be brewing on the set of the popular Mzansi telenovela DiepCity right now over the earnings of cast members. A recent exposé indicated that cast members are earning below the industry minimum.

Reports indicated that some key members of the cast are being paid between R350 and R400 daily, which amounts to less than R10k if an actor should be present on set each week.

Ordinarily, according to reports, main actors earn between R25k and R60k monthly.

Some key cast members noted that they have spoken to their agencies to take up the issue of poor pay with Mandla Ngcongwane, who’s part of the Black Brain Picture production house.

Some actors noted that trying to get Mandla Ngcongwane to review the pay has never ended well. On one occasion, it had led to a blowout, and an actor was fired on set.

In the case of Sibanyoni, who plays Danger, he’s almost gotten physical with Mandla after bringing the subject of a pay review

Some of the cast members, especially those considered to be newbies, are afraid to speak out for fear of a blowout and losing their jobs. It remains to be seen when the issue of poor pay will be addressed.

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