Da L.E.S Announces His New Album Is Dropping Soon

Alleged Rape: DA L.E.S Releases Statement Takes Legal Action Against Carlene Brown De Jongh

South African rapper Da L.E.S, has just reacted to a recent claim made by a lady that he and his associates gang-raped her. She mentioned their names, leaving a storm on social media.

But did Leslie and his pals rape her as she claimed? That’s hard to say at the moment as there is no proof that they did what she claimed they did. In her Instagram post. She indicated that the rape took place three years ago, and now she is in a better place and ready to press charges against the rapper and his friends

At any rate, after a brief silence, Da L.E.S. is taking up the issue. As far as he’s concerned, her claims are defamatory and he would see to it that the courts take up the case and she pays for “falsely accusing” him of that crime.

In a recent tweet via his official account, her had shared a statement from his attorneys regarding the lady’s claims, which was described as untrue, defamatory and hurtful. The statement also described as spurious and unfounded the allegations that the lady made against him.

It also noted that the criminal case of defamation has been instituted against the lady.

It remains to be seen what step she would take next.