Alleged Rape: NPA Not Prosecuting DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik’s Defamation Case

It’s a moment of triumph for South African disc jockeys and producers DJ Fresh and Euphonik, as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has thrown out the rape case against them.

Months back, a lady had popped on social media, claiming the two disc jockeys raped her back in 2011 during a party. The allegations gained so much traction at the time, causing both to lose their radio presenting jobs.

At the time, both were adamant they never met the lady and could not have raped someone they didn’t meet. Public opinion was heavily divided at the time, with some notable figures calling for the prosecution of the duo.

Angered by what they termed a false accusation, both artists had instituted a criminal defamation case against the lady.

In a statement, the NPA spokesperson Lumka Mahanjan noted the prospect of successfully prosecuting the lady for criminal defamation was zero, so the body would not be going ahead with the prosecution.

The lady who had accused both DJs of rape welcomed the NPA’s decision, stating that she would have gone to jail for merely stating her truth. Also, DJ Fresh and Euphonik are said to be okay with the verdict of the NPA.

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