Alleged Rape: South Africans Call For Lerato Moloi’s Head After Tol Azz Mo’s Interview

Rape is a serious problem in South Africa and tempers are usually high discussing the subject, especially when someone is allegedly falsely accused, That’s the case with Lerato Moli right now.

Lerato claimed in 2020 that comedian Tol Azz Mo raped her back in 2014. The comedian denied the allegations at the time. According to Mo, speaking during a recent interview, when Lerator claimed that he violated her when they were both on the MasterChef SA TV reality show, he attempted suicide.

He also noted that he lost most of his showbiz gigs as a result of cancel culture. His story about what he passed through and continues to pass through as a result of her allegations infuriated some social media users, some of whom called for Lerato to be jailed. Some pointed to her own interview, noting that her body language indicated that she was not sincere and had falsely accused the comedian just to ruin him.

and yet some tweeps not only called her “evil” for “falsely” accusing the comedian, but they also poured out words of Prayer for God to protect them from the likes of her. However, despite the criticism and claims she falsely accused Mo, Lerato has stuck to the story that she was violated.

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