Alleged Reason Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Broke Up

In what would probably cause West to break into a dance, it has emerged that and Pete Davidson are no longer together.

Pete Davidson was more like a thorn in the flesh of the “Donda” rapper, who had accused the former of standing between him and his children. He was especially miffed because the comedian tried to bond with the four kids he had with Kim Kardashian.

It got so bad that Ye decided to bury a cartoon of the SNL host in a music video to register his displeasure with him and pass the message that Pete wasn’t safe. The comedian began to fear for his security and reportedly beefed that up.

Now, by a quirk of kismet, and Pete Davidson have broken up. But why did they break up just nine months after they started dating, given how close they had become so soon and the couple goals they have been serving?

Neither of them has spoken about the breakup. However, a close source pointed at their demanding schedules and the long-distance dynamics of their relationship.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that West will be happy about the filed relationship with Pete.

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