Alleged Stealing: Pearl Thusi Dragged For Calling Out Domestic Staff

Mzansi actress Pearl Thusi has been slammed by some members of the public for calling her home staff a thief.

In a recent post to social media, the Isono actress noted that her domestic staff (who she didn’t name) has been stealing from her. She described herself as “hacked.”

Her post elicited mixed reactions online. Some tweeters refused to sympathize with her, claiming that the staff stole because she wasn’t well paid for the job. One user noted that when an employer pays employees peanuts, the employees pay themselves (from the properties of their employer, apparently, like the domestic staff had allegedly done).

Some social media users supported the actress, though, insisting that some people are greedy and will steal no matter how much they’re paid.

Another noted that the domestic staff got what she agreed on with her employer and has no reason whatsoever to take what wasn’t hers. You can see some reactions below.

She isn’t the first actress or celeb to call domestic staff a thief. Now and then, celebs erupt, claiming the people they have engaged to help them at home are stealing from them. By the way, the actress was in Nigeria recently for what has been described as her biggest hosting gig.

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