Amanda Black Blasts Fake Feminism: ‘Women Hate Women, Qha’

Amanda Black speaks up against fake feminism

speaks out against fake feminist, says “women hate women”.

For a while now the #MeToo movement has been really popular all over the would, with feminism becoming a major topic all over the world. While many women have come out as feminists, some however do not believe in it, stressing the fact that women do not approve of and support their fellow women.

Mzansi singer, has now given her two cents on the matter. In her opinion, there are more fake feminists than there are actual ones. She also opined that women hate their fellow women and do not support each other.

Her opinions got a lot of support from her followers who referenced the ongoing rape case between fellow Mzansi singer, and SA rapper, Sjava. Zamar recently accused of rape and an investigation into the allegation has been started by the police.