Amanda Black Blasts Trolls Who Want Her To Start Beef With Zahara

Amanda Black blasts trolls who want her to start beef with Zahara

blasts trolls who wanted her to start a beef with .

There’s nothing better than seeing two divas ruling hard in their own ways. Thank God understands this because she’s not about to be pitted against anyone, not even who she says she’s afraid.

Some trolls recently tried to get the singer and Zahara to battle each other but she put them down saying she’s afraid of the hit making singer. Later on, she agreed to the challenge but after figuring out they had malicious intentions, she called the trolls out.

Referring to them as witches, she told the trolls to leave her and Zahara alone. When told by some fans that she ought to have ignored them, she revealed that sometimes, you have to put the haters in the bin where they belong. It is nice to see that it is all love between the two artists.

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