Amanda Black Calls For Church Services And Gatherings To Be Suspended Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Amanda Black suggests that church services and gatherings be suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak.

South African singer and songwriter, Amanda Black, has taken to her Twitter page to express another precaution that should be taken to avoid the spread of coronavirus. In her view, church services and gatherings should be suspended until the pandemic virus is put under control.

The ‘Power’ singer wondered why churches are silent over the coronavirus outbreak. She suggests that church gatherings and services should be suspended until the virus is under control.

Amanda Black said:

Church leaders need to step up, the church is always quiet on matters that matter most. Church gatherings need to put on hold. Until this crisis is minimised. We can pray in our respective homes avoiding infection.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in several countries of the world, the South African entertainment and arts industry has also taken precautions to prevent its spread by shutting down theatres and postponing festivals until further notice.

In a press briefing, President Cyril Ramaphosa advised that South Africans should desist from organizing gatherings with more than a hundred people.

Even the popular Lighthouse Family’s SA tour will be postponed until the virus is contained.

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