Amanda Black Doesn’t Think Alcohol Is Essential During The Lockdown

Amanda Black doesn't think alcohol is essential durinhg the Coronavirus lockdown

believes alcohol is not essential during the lockdown.

Mzansi singer, is all about airing her opinions no matter what everyone else thinks or says. The nation may be tilting towards lifting the ban on alcohol in the country during the lockdown but she isn’t for it.

Although many have signed an online petition calling for the unbanning of alcohol in Mzansi, the “Egoli” singer took to her account to oppose it. In her opinion, alcohol is not essential during the lockdown.

Haibo guys Alcohol is not essential, what i think should be done for real people who suffer from alcohol abuse and dependence is counselling to help them through withdrawal and help deal with the trauma and triggers that drive them to alcohol abuse. #SignThePetitionSA

She would rather the ban be lifted after the lockdown, and the country focus more on the health of people who abuse alcohol.

After some of her followers insinuated that alcohol is essential for the economy, she further backed up her claims saying she didn’t mean it wasn’t essential for the economy. She further opined that the country should focus more on surviving the .

Replying to
@AmandaBlackSA and @MotsoSekhu
For the sake of our economy it might be essential


Yhu bethuna we are not talkkng about the economy, sithetha nge health!! Health! And surving corona. Yhuuuu haibo
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