Amanda Black’s Dress To The Tribute To Women Event Ignites Debate In Mzansi

South African singer Amanda Black is known for rocking clothes that accentuate her figure and also reveal some flesh. But she had reconsidered her wardrobe when she decided to perform at a particular event, and this got fans talking.

She was one of the ladies co-opted to perform at the Tribute to Women event, and she showed up for her performance. She dressed “appropriately” for the occasion in clothing that wasn’t too revealing.

Her outfit snagged the attention of many netizens, some of whom shared clips of her performance and pointed out how “decent” she looked this time for a show but how people would not amplify it; but they would hurriedly share clips of her when she wears clothing that reveals a lot of flesh.

The debate continues even as we write, with no clue if it will end anytime soon. You can check out the clip below.

At the time of writing, Amanda Black had said nothing about the whole conversation around her outfit to the concert. The former Ambitiouz Entertainment star has not been too active on the music scene recently, but fans are optimistic she will step into her old energy and continue serving them splendid beats.

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