Amanda Black’s ‘New House’ Got Social Media Users Laughing

Amanda Black got the Twitter space in laughter as she announces that she bought a 'new house'

With the current incident presently going on in the world, people appear to be desolate as they wonder when it will all be over.

One celebrity that has made people laugh and forget their worries on April 1st is the award-winning South African singer, Amanda Black.

On Wednesday, the talented singer took to her Twitter page to announce that she recently purchased a ‘new house.’

The questioning part of the post is that the pictures of the house Amanda Black uploaded have been used by several others who also claimed that the house is theirs.

Amanda posted pictures of the two-storey building and added the hashtag (hastag)GirlswithHomes to the post.

Amanda’s tweet went viral within minutes as it got more than two thousand likes. Several celebrities also stormed her page to congratulate her on her new accomplishment.

However, Twitter users a.k.a FBI agents, quickly pointed out where they have first seen the house and they asked the talented musician who the real owner was.

Amanda Black responded to her curious followers by asking if they have found the real owner. This caused an outburst on the Twitter scene as everyone started laughing.

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