Amanda Du-Pont And Shawn Rodrigues Divorced!

Before, it passed as rumour and something she would rather not address, but it has since emerged that South African actress Amanda du-Pont and her husband Shawn Rodrigues are now divorced.

It is one split many did not see coming, especially as her husband stood like a pillar behind her around the period she went public with the allegations of rape against the rapper Jub Jub. Shawn had publicly denounced then.

Well, after almost three years together, the couple, for whatever reason, has decided to call it quits. Until their split, they were always serving couple goals on Instagram, and many South Africans looked up to them as examples in this relationship thing.

However, since their split, they have deleted pictures of each other on Instagram, leaving shippers of their relationship heartbroken. But as one fan commented, that’s life and things happen although they might not be the desires in mind.

At the time of writing, neither Amanda du-Pont nor Shawn, whom she married secretly to fulfil her grandmother’s wish of seeing her married before her (grandmother’s) death, has said anything about the divorce.

Well, it will be interesting to see how the two push ahead after their divorce.

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