Amanda Du-Pont confined in a hospital bed in Turkey

Amanda Du-Pont has unfortunately been hospitalized in Turkey for health reasons.

Amanda Du-Pont had her fans and followers all worked up when she shared a video of herself in a hospital. In the video, one of her eyes looked a bit swollen even though she said there was cause for alarm. She did not quite mention what she had gone in for, though, but just revealed she was experiencing pain and was also exhausted.

Speculations making the rounds suggest that she may have gone in for a surgery, as the hospital she is in is named Arpanu Medical and it specializes in the following areas; plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, hair transplant, dentistry, and ophthalmology

“I’m just completely exhausted, but I’m really fine,” she said in the video shared on her IG story. “It went well, but I’m okay,” she added. “Guys I’m feeling so much better, and the pain isn’t crazy at all. I could just be under pain but everything went well. The staff are great, really looking after me,” she concluded.

By her side at the hospital was her sister, Kim Du-Pont, whom Amanda appreciated immensely for staying with and giving her moral support through her recovery.

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