Amanda Du-Pont Is Being Dragged For Her Rape And Abuse Allegations Against Jub Jub

Mzansi actress, is getting dragged on Twitter for her allegations against TV host, Jub Jub.

Mzansi has watched as some of the country’s top celebs have been embroiled in sexual assault, and drama. While some have cleared their names, others have been found wanting.

Weeks back, Mzansi was hit with the news of allegations of and attempted murder made by popular actress, against her ex-boyfriend, Jub Jub. Amanda immediately trended on social media after the news hit the net. She accused the “Uyajola 9/9” star of raping her while she was in a relationship with him for 2 years. She also alleged that he tried to kill her.

Amanda’s claims were seconded by Jub Jub’s other ex, Masechaba Ndlovu who also shared that she had her own heartbreaking experiences with him. Mzansi has since shared several reactions to this on social media. While some have rallied around Amanda, others believe that she isn’t telling the truth. Her husband and sisters have also revealed their support for her.

According to new reports, Du-Pont stated in her affidavit that Jub Jub raped her repeatedly for two years. She also revealed that she attempted suicide twice while she was with him, and she had an abortion when she got pregnant following being raped by him.

Some tweeps believe that these ‘stories’ were made up to tarnish Jub Jub’s image. Reports also state that his mother, Mama Jackie filed an urgent application seeking retractions of posts shared by Amanda and Masechaba on social media because she doesn’t feel safe.

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