Amapiano Awards Slammed Over Recent Nominees

South African Awards slammed over recent nominations.

Yo, just when we thought Mzansi would be celebrating the recent announcement of the South African Awards, the event is getting slammed. Mzansi isn’t happy about the recent nominations for the first ever awards event started to celebrate .

They have since taken to social media to call the organisers of the event out. It was previously announced that the nominees for the Awards would be revealed on ’s “Podcast And Chill”. Now, peeps are pissed because Uncle Vinny, , , and other “wave riders” scored noms, and “pacesetters” like and more didn’t.

Honestly, the show isn’t off to a great start as many have called on the organisers to cancel the show. Big stars, , Kabza De Small, Maphorisa, and more were also included in the list of nominees. Let us know what you think about this.

“Amapiano won’t die, I think these awards are organised by people who are trying to ride the wave.”


“They thought mentally it’s right to put Lamiez instead of , T x C instead of M, Uncle Vinny instead of Gaba Cannal.”


“No ways, if Kelvin Momo, Gaba Cannal, MDU a.k.a Jaivane etc aren’t here then please respectfully delete and cancel this joke! This isn’t even about Amapiano but trendy DJs and Jika Ma Jika. ? ? Uncle Vinny? But the pioneers aren’t on here? Nxa.”


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