Amapiano: Major League DJz Bemoans Lack Of Government For The Genre

South African boy band Major League DJz is committed to the amapiano genre enough to call out the South African government for not doing much to promote the genre.

The twin brothers Bandile and Banele, collectively known as Major League DJz, tweeted that people might say whatever they feel in the spirit of an ongoing debate, but it is incumbent on the people to promote themselves and even the government isn’t even doing much to promote piano music back home. You can check out the tweet below.

Amapiano is currently the in-thing in South Africa. From an unknown genre that only a few would perform, it had morphed into a life of its own, spreading across the world.

Among those in the vanguard of this spread is Major League. The group was previously into hip-hop music but made the switch to piano along the line. It had remained committed to the piano genre ever since, with the singular goal of taking yanos to the end of the earth.

In that sense, perhaps, the group’s recent claim that the government has not been supporting the genre might not be out of place, after all.

It remains to be seen whether the government will listen to them

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