Amapiano Taking Over TikTok, Checkout The Statistics

Amapiano is a recent manifestation on South Africa’s music plane. But it has so advanced in the country, so charmed many and now has so many adherents that it has become the in-thing in the Rainbow Nation.

Yup. Hip hop, gqom, and even maskandi have lost some of their adherents to the amapiano wave.

Not only has amapiano taken over South Africa, it is looking like the genre is about to take over TikTok as well. This is obvious from the crazy stats the genre has obtained of recent.

A recent announcement by TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing app, indicated that the amapiano genre has reached 73 million views on the platform. Artistes whose works are driving the stats include DJ Maphorisa and his musical partner Kabza De Small, DJ Sumbody, and Moonchild Sanelly.

The stats will especially gladden the hearts of those who have quit other genres to pursue a life in amapiano. At this rate, it looks like amapiano might be around for a long time. Let’s watch and see if it can make the Rainbow nation forget the hip hop club and its denizens.

What do you make of amapiano’s radical advances? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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