Amber Heard Makes Big Claims About Jason Momoa

The last may not have been heard of the Amber Herd and Johnny Depp defamation suit, as recent revelations are pointing to Jason Momoa having not conducted himself in a professional manner during the filming of  Aquaman.

Heard had described Momoa as “drunk,” also pointing out that he was “late to set,” according to the clinical psychologist Dr Dawn Hughes, who was brought in by Heard’s legal team to testify in the case.

Hughes also referenced how Heard had noted that Jason Momoa arrived at the set of the flick dressed like her ex, Johnny Depp and wearing “all the rings.” It is unclear what this is supposed to mean, as Momoa could not have been trying to impersonate Depp.

Anyway, DC Studios has an entirely different perspective on how Momoa had conducted himself on the set of Aquaman. In a statement to people, the firm had noted, verbatim, “Jason Momoa conducted himself in a professional manner at all times on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. We’re excited for audiences to see the film this December.” This statement from the studio comes as a redemptive stroke in the case for Momoa. It remains to be seen what will follow

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