Amber Heard Set To Appeal Verdict After Losing Defamation Case To Johnny Depp

It’s no longer news that Amber Heard lost her defamation case against former husband Johnny Depp and was slapped with some damages as a result.

But she isn’t taking the verdict lying low. As far as she’s concerned, what happened was a miscarriage of justice that should alarm just about any woman. And she’s decided to appeal the verdict.

Heard’s reps said during a meeting with representatives of Johnny Depp and Judge Penney Azcarate that she’ll be appealing the case. According to one of her reps, one doesn’t ask for a pardon if one is innocent, and one doesn’t decline to appeal if one knows one is correct.

The Amber Hear-Johnny Depp legal was one of the most keenly watched in recent memory. At the outset, public opinion was totally against the “Once Upon A Time in Mexico” actor. Along the line, though, opinion had quickly swerved in the actor’s favour, leaving Heard at the mercy of social media denizens who accused her of having lied all along.

Having made it known she’s appealing the verdict, it will be interesting to see how she goes about that and what the outcome will be. So stay tuned for all the details if you please.

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