Ambitiouz Entertainment Announces Kid Tini’s “The Second Coming” Album

announces Kid Tini’s upcoming album “The Second Coming”.

Imagine having a hype man like whoever is behind the social media accounts. You’d be motivated to move any mountain. We are guessing that’s particularly how feels when he reads the things posted about him.

The good thing about it is that it isn’t all hype. has been putting in a lot of work and his talent cannot be denied. The rising SA star made us all “Buss A Move” a few months back. He is credited for several other dope entries including “Cinga”, “Wedwa”, “Woo style” and more.

has now announced a new album coming from the talented muso. It is titled “The Second Coming”. A.E believes it will be the “biggest album for 2020/2021”, in terms of sales and airplay, and video views of course. We’d really love to see that happen.