Ambitiouz Entertainment Comes For Mabala Noise Again

Mzansi label, Ambitiouz Entertainment comes for Mabala Noise again.

There is so much feuding in the SA music industry that we can’t even keep up anymore. If you thought it only involves artists, you’re wrong. For as long as we have known them, labels, Ambitiouz Entertainment and Mabala Noise cannot stand each other.

The recent months have also proven this. They have engaged in twars which have forced fans to watch in awe as they fight for the crown of “Top Label” in the country. Never to retreat, AE recently took a jab at MN following the recent WhatsApp, Instagram, and outtage.

While social media users all over the world reacted to the outtage, AE tweeted that the apps may be out but they’re still here. This prompted criticism from several Twitter users who also mocked them for not being relevant lately. Mabala Noise is yet to respond to this.

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