Ambitiouz Entertainment Continues Baiting Emtee and Amanda Black fans

Ambitiouz Entertainment still baiting Emtee and Amanda Black fans

Ambitiouz Entertainment continues baiting Emtee and Amanda Black fans.

If you thought the war between Emtee, Amanda Black and their former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment was over, you’d have to think again. We have seen them call each other out a lot on social media and it has been quite an entertaining thing to follow.

At first, the label chose to ignore all the tweets about wanting their awards back but it seems that didn’t work out for them. Now, they’re giving back as much as they have received.

After the President’s face mask saga, the label shared the chorus of “Phumelela” by Amanda Black, who has also revealed she had a hard time with them. Of course, her fans did not take it too well.

Yesterday, baiting Emtee fans, they shared some of his lyrics from “Roll Up” which was the first song he released via the label. Fans of the rapper immediately called them out for it but there has still been no word from The Hustla.

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